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2016-04-13 19:07:59 by THCtoxicity

My first game was blammed. damn, thats a shame. But for some reason the demo was kept :/


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2016-04-13 20:21:49

Aw Man... Sorry to hear that man... But i am sure your not gonna give up making more right?

THCtoxicity responds:

Oh hell no! I love video games and making them is what I've decided I want to do. This is my first game ever. Before you learn to run, you must learn to walk, and before you learn to walk, you must learn to crawl. :)


2016-04-13 20:33:54

Well Thats Good to know! I cant wait what your cooking Up Next! I'll keep in touch ;) And if ya need any tracks to be made, Im there for ya! I do many genres!

THCtoxicity responds:

Hey thanks man, I'll keep that in mind


2016-04-13 22:23:17

Ah, you can't be good at something the first time. Well, keep at it and you'll be amazing eventually. Like I do with the music.